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  1. John says:

    Are the estimates you’ve provided inclusive of the cost to buy the land, square footage of the garage, and/or cost of excavation/foundation?

    1. The cost would not include the cost to buy land, but typically includes garage and cost of excavation and foundation. If the land is slopped at a steep angle, the cost per square foot would definitely be higher.

  2. David says:

    What are the plans of a semi custom home that is $170 per SQ foot? My situation is looking for a home in the mountains but may consider building. We like the Evergreen, Apex and Conifer area. Our price range is $400 to $500k including land. We don’t have a lot so it would be easier to find something suitable to build. We’re not planning to buy anything till next Spring. I’m just looking into options besides purchasing an existing home. Thanks

    1. You would work with an architect to get plans for a home. Although, we have worked with homeowners that use plans from other homes we’ve built, which saves them the cost of getting custom plans. It looks like as of today, the estimated cost per square foot in the Evergreen area is closer to $350/sq ft, which is quite a bit higher than the $170 mentioned. We have seen a trend towards tiny homes over the past few years – even television shows based specifically on tiny life living. A tiny home may be a good option to help save.

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