Home Warranty

Warranty Information

For all of Millworks Construction Services, LLC built homes, we offer a limited home warranty, which we will deliver to you in full detail. The warranty covers labor and new materials for up to one year. Each of the homes new appliances will also have their individual warranties, which you will receive documentation on at closing of the home. Our limited home warranty warrants that the home was completed in a good and workman like manner, and is free of material construction defects. We also warrant that the home was completed in compliance with all applicable building codes for the location. For more information on the warranty and what it does or doesn’t cover, please speak with a Millworks Construction Services, LLC team member.

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

As a guide, we also invite you to read the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. These guidelines are the most widely used in the industry on how homes should perform during the warranty period. The guides focus is to assist with frequently asked questions from the buyer (referred to as the consumer in the guide) to the contractor.