Custom Home Builders - Winter Park, CO


When it comes to building a custom home, there are quite a few phases to go through to make sure your dream home is built to fit your lifestyle. When you work with us as your builder, we help you through each of those phases. Here’s what you can expect with your new home build.

Phase 1.

Congratulations, you’ve made the first step to building your new home. It’s time for us to meet and really get to know what it is you’re looking for in your new home. We’ll need to talk through bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, of course, but also what specifically defines your new home. Afterwards, we’ll work with you and architects to draw up your new home design. When we finally get to the point we have concrete plans on the design, we can start with breaking ground.

Our team works with Buildertrend, a complete general construction organization tool that helps us better communicate with you on timelines, selections (see below), photography updates, and budgets. You’re able to login at anytime and see the status of your home build.

Phase 2.

As your general contractor, we have a field team that works to build your new home and an in-office team that works with you on what we call selections, which is helping you narrow down your choices on what will pull your home together. Those selections include interior and exterior products – everything from stone, tile, and hardwoods to lighting, plumbing, and doors. Don’t worry, it may seem overwhelming at first, but with more than 30 years of experience, we’ve found procedures to help you pick and choose the right products for your new home, while keeping in mind your design concepts. We’ll order all your selections and install them, so your home is move-in ready.

During this time, our team also does the leg work to ensure the right paperwork, permits, and certificates are in place; as well as ensuring our entire team stays within your set budget.

Phase 3.

Our field team continues to work on progress of your home build. You can visit your new home at any time, but because it is a construction zone, we ask that you inquire with us beforehand, so we can walk safely with you through the home. As your home continues to be built, you can log into Buildertrends at any time – from any device – to see photography progress. You can also speak with your team coordinators to learn more about progress. Of course, at the same time, we’ll continue to communicate about any needed changes or adjustments you or our team may have.

Phase 4.

Time for closing! This is a very exciting time, as this means it’s time to get your new set of keys and take ownership of your new home! We walk through the home with you and do a checklist to ensure everything is complete and that you understand how to operate everything from ceiling fans and HVAC to gas shut-off and lot drainage.